Mar 1, 2018

2 mins read

Just another R Blog.

Most firms are swimming in data but starving for insight. My passion is making sense of the complex and finding signal through the noise: creating actionable insights that drive business results.

My name is Tim Anderson, and my career has been focused on hardware and software product management, but I also greatly enjoy corporate strategy, insight development, data wrangling/visualization and financial analysis. I have built my career around asking questions, sifting through data, building hypotheses, finding the critical information, and developing insights.

For many years I used Excel for financial modeling and business forecasting. About six years ago I stumbled onto R and learned a term called reproducibility. I realized that in Excel I could accomplish a goal quickly, but six months later if someone asked me how I got a result I was hard pressed to describe the steps I took to get an answer. A long time ago I used VBA to automate some of my Excel work, so R seemed liked a logical step

I’ve been using R for the past five years in my workflow analyzing markets and customers. I recognize that R is heavily used in universities and scientific fields, the purpose of this blog is to describe some of the business methods built in R. You won’t find much analysis of iris data here, but I will share some thoughts about customer acquisition, pricing, product feature analysis, churn, profitability, etc.

Why a blog? Well, I’m of the mindset that you may think you understand a topic, but it’s not until you work to explain it to someone else that you have truly mastered it. Do I expect folks to flock to this site to learn about R? Not really. This is my own way of pushing myself to explain topics that are useful and important in my work.

What’s with the site name? I’m a Product Marketer and I use R…MarketR, clever eh?